A New Review and Two Poems

Post date: Jun 04, 2020 11:46:0 PM

Just added to the “Books for Children or Young Adults” and “Other Tanka Books” sections of the Reviews page is “Three Tanka Books for Children.” This review covers Tony Medina’s Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Boy, Robert Paul Weston’s Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms, and Nikki Grimes’ Garvey’s Choice. This tripartite review recently appeared in Ribbons, the journal of the Tanka Society of America, of which I’m president. And on the Poems About Haiku page, look for two new Jane Hirshfield poems, “Engraving: World-Tree with an Empty Beehive on One Branch” and “O Snail,” in the Bashō and Issa sections, respectively.