Five New Trifolds

Post date: Sep 07, 2013 4:59:57 AM

Newly added to the Trifolds page are “A Hundred Pennies,” a collection of nineteen of my (mostly) recent haiku and senryu, and “Solitary,” a collection of seventeen (mostly) recent tanka. Both trifolds, published in 2013, are free to view or download (requires a PDF file viewer). I created the haiku trifold for the 22 June 2013 national quarterly meeting of the Haiku Society of America at the Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle, and also shared it at the 14–18 August 2013 Haiku North America conference aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. I created the tanka trifold for the Tanka Society of America’s Tanka Sunday event on 18 August 2013, also aboard the Queen Mary.

In addition, I have uploaded “Neap Tide,” an earlier trifold of nineteen haiku and senryu from 2006; “First Star,” with fifteen haiku and senryu and one rengay from 2004; and “Chairs Askew,” with sixteen haiku and senryu also from 2004. All three of these trifolds are slightly updated with new fonts, but have not been previously available as downloads.

Enjoy, and if you view or download any of these trifolds, please let me know.