Introducing HNA Conference Anthologies

Post date: Jan 07, 2013 2:59:13 AM

Since 1991, I have edited or coedited all of the biennial Haiku North America conference anthologies. My introductions for the 2009 and 2011 anthologies are already online, but I’d not yet added the introductions for any of the previous anthologies before now. I’ve just added the introduction for Harvest, the very first HNA anthology, from 1991, when the inaugural conference took place in California. This first anthology began the tradition of arranging all the poems by each author’s first name, celebrating the camaraderie and closeness of the North American haiku community. I will also add all eight of the other anthology introductions (1993 through 2007), and look forward to coediting the twelfth biennial HNA anthology with William Hart later this year. For more information about the 2013 conference, please visit the Haiku North America website. Please join us aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California!