Italian Translation of Keiko Imaoka Essay

Post date: Feb 19, 2018 1:49:27 AM

One of the most important essays ever published about English-language haiku is Keiko Imaoka’s “Forms in English Haiku,” which I first printed in my journal, Woodnotes, in the summer of 1996. The essay appears in several locations online, but the version I have here is the definitive version, because it includes edits approved by the author. My presentation of this essay also includes my postscript about the essay, plus a “Beginner’s Mind” essay by Keiko about her path to haiku. I’m pleased, too, to have just added “La Forma Nello Haiku In Inglese,” an Italian translation of Keiko’s seminal essay by Elisa Bernardinis and Corrado Aiello. Keiko’s essay is essential reading for every haiku poet, whether writing in English or Italian.