Learning From

Post date: Nov 23, 2020 7:15:7 AM

Recent additions to Graceguts include an essay, a sequence, a rengay, and some miscellaneous revisions. On the Essays page, look for “Ringing the Bell: Learning Haiku from Mary Ruefle,” the fourteenth in my unfolding series of “Learning From” essays, this one equating haiku to the sound of a bell. Inspired by this essay, I also collected various bell-themed haiku together in “Clear as a Bell,” added to the Haiku and Senryu page. And on the Rengay page, please find “Rooftops,” a Scandinavian-themed rengay written with Alan S. Bridges. I’ve also updated the introduction for “The ISN’Ts of Haiku: Learning from Lorraine Ellis Harr,” and have added two photos that show the first publication of Harr’s guidelines in 1972. The Appearances page is also updated, and I’ve added and revised a few links on the Nothing page and on the “Haiku Missionary” essay about Alan Watts. Lots to learn from here!