National Haiku Writing Month Again!

Post date: Feb 02, 2019 7:4:36 AM

It’s February 1. That means it’s the first day of National Haiku Writing Month, also known as NaHaiWriMo. This is our ninth year to celebrate haiku by writing at least one haiku per day for every day of February—the shortest month for the shortest genre of poetry. I thought of starting NaHaiWriMo in October of 2010, and it began in February of 2011. The community of poets on the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page has reached nearly 3,000 people worldwide. NaHaiWriMo offers daily writing prompts to get you going, too. And it’s not just in February, since we have guest prompters every month of the year. Also visit the NaHaiWriMo website for the details, and where you can also read interviews with all of our recent guest prompters, complete with photos and sample poems. Please join us!