Michael Dylan Welch and Julie Schwerin, editors. John E. Hancock, photography.

Press Here, Sammamish, Washington, 2023, 64 pages, 129 poets (one poem each), ISBN 978-1-878798-43-5.

Earthworks features haiku and senryu by 129 attendees of the 2023 Haiku North America conference, held June 28 to July 2, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Edited by Michael Dylan Welch and Julie Schwerin, this anthology features leading poets writing haiku in English, plus many rising stars, together with photographs by John E. Hancock of Ohio’s ancient Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks that date back more than 1,600 years. The book’s introduction notes that, in solidarity with the presumed purposes of these ancient earthworks, poets at Haiku North America “gather for a poetic sort of worship, and for cultural trade, ritual, and social gathering. We celebrate the spirit of place in many of our poems—the places we come from, the places we visit, and places of the heart.” You can read the entire introduction, see the contributor list, and order the book on Amazon. See also the Press Here page for this book. The following are forty-two sample poems from the anthology, the second largest in Haiku North America’s thirty-two-year history, and with the highest percentage of participation by registered attendees.



a tricky passage

in the sonata

mockingbird song

            Agnes Eva Savich

            Austin, Texas


cross-country train

all the towns

I’m not from

            Alan S. Bridges

            Westford, Massachusetts


a skyline

I no longer recognize

early bluebonnets

            Allyson Whipple

            Saint Louis, Missouri


last rites

how our hands

just know

            Antoinette Cheung

            Vancouver, British Columbia


quarter moon

that part of me

I let you see

            Bona M. Santos

            Los Angeles, California


autumn clarity

a first grader sings

from her swing

            Brad Bennett

            Arlington, Massachusetts



the unknown stories

scratched into its floor

            Ce Rosenow

            Eugene, Oregon



I follow my daughter’s life

on the internet

            Christine Lamb Stern

            Bayfield, Wisconsin


Mother’s Day

a pedicure rivaling

the sunset

            Crystal Simone Smith

            Durham, North Carolina


work meeting

in another world

the window washer

            David Grayson

            Alameda, California


country driving

past this little church and that

thinking about sin

            David Oates

            Athens, Georgia


last cast

reeling in

the twilight

            Elliot Nicely

            Lakewood, Ohio


blossoms on the wind her infant spirit carried away

            Francine Banwarth

            Dubuque, Iowa


tornado warning

the old car

finds another gear

            Frank Hooven

            Morrisville, Pennsylvania



a gathering

of walking sticks

            Garry Gay

            Santa Rosa, California



the crowd at the bus stop

the shape of the shade

            Jacquie Pearce

            Vancouver, British Columbia



the hidden hills

in me

            Jennifer Hambrick

            Columbus, Ohio


cold rain

I am that much more


            Jim Kacian

            Winchester, Virginia


a rusty lock

on the storm shelter

swirling wheat

            Joe McKeon

            Strongsville, Ohio


peeling eggshells

so quietly you slip

into silence

            Julie Bloss Kelsey

            Germantown, Maryland



predictive text—

this vee of geese

            Julie Schwerin

            Sun Prairie, Wisconsin


shifting the narrative seahorses

            Kat Lehmann

            Guilford, Connecticut


yellow aspens

without a sound a jay

becomes sky

            Kristen Lindquist

            Camden, Maine


nature deficit disorder

everything comes out


            Linda Weir

            Ellicott City, Maryland


spring grass

the breath

between my toes

            Lorraine A Padden

            San Diego, California


the poems

that escape me in dream

windblown blossoms

            Marjorie Buettner

            Chisago City, Minnesota



“I had a daughter


            Matt Cariello

            Bexley, Ohio


failing light . . .

you ask me again

what I’m reading

            Michael Dylan Welch

            Sammamish, Washington


bone gatherers

the taste of ash

in the air

            Nicky Gutierrez

            Akron, Ohio


if I were to document

my life I’d choose you to tell it,

autumn sea

            Patricia J. Machmiller

            San Jose, California



a wonderful word

for a spelling bee

            Patricia Wakimoto

            Gardena, California


half askew—

the buckeye tree

dad planted just for me

            Patti Niehoff

            Cincinnati, Ohio


flowering weed

I have an app that knows

her name

            Randy Brooks

            Taylorville, Illinois


worry stone . . .

three skips and then


            Rich Youmans

            North Falmouth, Massachusetts


lake reeds

the mallard fades

into frog sounds

            Richard L. Matta

            San Diego, California


just asking

for a show of hands

wet cement

            Scott Mason

            Somers, New York


the heron’s S


for the swallow

            Shirley Brooks

            Taylorville, Illinois


haiku notebook—

  the winter poems

       don’t stop at spring

            stanford m. forrester / sekiro

            Windsor, Connecticut



            Susan Burch

            Hagerstown, Maryland



the willow’s dance card

fills with bushtits

            Tanya McDonald

            Happy Valley, Oregon


poetry reading

so many pairs

of handmade earrings

            Terry Ann Carter

            Victoria, British Columbia


grandma’s kitchen

everything she knows

by heart

            Timothy Green

            Wrightwood, California