Holiday Haiku

In November of 2007, at the invitation of Sue Ellen White, I selected a number of my winter, Christmas, and childhood-related haiku for a glass Christmas ornament. Sue Ellen created both the accompanying booklet and the Christmas ornament, with lines of my haiku curled inside on paper of different colours. Copies were sold in November and December of 2007 on Whidbey Island, Washington, as a fundraiser for the 2008 Burning Word poetry festival on Whidbey Island. I’m grateful to Sue Ellen White for her creativity. See also Christmasku and my 2022 Holiday Haiku video installation.

fresh snow on the mat—

the shape of welcome

still visible

first star—

a seashell held

to my baby’s ear





lingering handshake—

the pulse

in our fingers

home for Christmas:

my childhood desk drawer