Yosemite, published in 1988, is a collection of short poems written on a trip to the park in December of 1987. It has nine sections, with 64 haiku, senryu, fragments, impressions, and other short poems, plus a concluding slightly longer poem:

    • arriving (four poems)

    • bridalveil falls (three poems)

    • the valley (eight poems)

    • the ahwahnee (five poems)

    • curry village (three poems)

    • wawona (fourteen poems)

    • tuolumne grove (twelve poems)

    • wawona (again) (fifteen poems)

    • the valley (last look) (one slightly longer poem)

The following are some sample poems from Yosemite.

driving north

pressing my finger

to the glass

pancake clouds

flipping by

the stars stay the same

still stream


I rape it with a stone

. . . repent

still falls the rain

winter moonlight

sheds her shadow

in the trees