Racha Renku

Written at Racha Noodles & Thai Cuisine restaurant in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, 4 August 2011, during the Haiku North America conference. Published in PDF form on the Haiku North America website blog, 5 August 2011.

borrowed handkerchief

blowing out her cold

Seattle summer Katharine Grubb Hawkinson

the ferry’s wake

sparkles with sunlight Michael Dylan Welch

breaking the stone

to find

the fossil snail Melissa Allen

up her leg

slowly, slowly Carlos Colón

he becomes

white with anguish

the painter Marilyn Hazelton

fruit bats

fading crescent moon Garry Gay

one firefly

and it too

has left me Garry Gay

breathing in the dust

of dad’s pickup truck Katharine Grubb Hawkinson

drifting snow—

a misspelling

in the church sign Michael Dylan Welch

a single cloud

a baby points at the sky Melissa Allen

all night

the sound of the coqui

spring love Carlos Colón

the orchid unfolds

its wings and fangs Marilyn Hazelton