Three Tan-renga from “Tanka Day”

First published in the Tanka Society of America Newsletter 4:3, September 2003, pages 13–14. These tan-renga were written on 30 June 2003, at the Tanka Society of America’s “Tanka Day,” at which I led a lunchtime exercise where I invited everyone present to write tan-renga with one or more partners. The following are three tan-renga to which I contributed.

She keeps trying

to cross the street, mother

with two toddlers—

Penny Harter

The Age of Innocence

falls from her diaper bag

Michael Dylan Welch

~ ~ ~

there is time

for one more


John Stevenson

do I dare

disturb the universe?

Michael Dylan Welch

~ ~ ~

long business lunch—

I lick the fork again

for a faint taste of blueberries

Michael Dylan Welch

the deal is sealed

with our handshake

John Stevenson