Aichi Prefecture
Board of Education Award

The following haiku received the Aichi Prefecture Board of Education Award, chosen by editor Kōko Katō as magazine’s best poem for all of 2017. I originally wrote the poem in September of 2000, and it was first published in 32:4, Autumn–Winter 2017, page 10, and published again, with the award announcement and commentary, in 32:10, #362, Spring–Summer 2018, page 1.

the rabbit’s ears

backlit by a sinking sun—

dry grass swaying

“Clear and delicate expression of the objects which a poet’s senses catch. This is the proper way of objective description of a haiku poem. It differs from a mere report of life experience. ‘backlit by a sinking sun’ is the focal point of this haiku.”

—Kōko Katō, magazine