Clatter of China

The following poem first appeared in Geppo XLVI:3, May–July 2021, page 10, and was selected for commentary in the following issue, XLVI:4, August–October 2021, page 21.

the clatter of china


                with the thunder

I know this! When a thunderstorm comes nearer and nearer, the thunder makes our windowpanes rattle. Here in this haiku, it is the clatter of the chinaware piled and placed neatly in the author’s cupboard. The immense energy released in the air is evidenced by this little clattering sound of the china. “Mingles” is the right expression for how the two sounds interact.

—Emiko Miyashita

The sounds in this haiku create a sense of foreboding. We don’t know what has caused the clatter of china―perhaps being startled by sudden thunder? I sense more of a story here.

—Beverly Acuff Momoi

I can both hear and feel this haiku. The thunder’s roll and the dishes’ clatter. The storm has come up quickly and before all the windows can be closed a strong wind shakes the house and, perhaps, it gives the dishes in an open cupboard a rattle. All a little unsettling.

—Patricia J. Machmiller