American Haiku Archives

In 1996, I helped to found the American Haiku Archives at the California State Library in Sacramento, California, along with Jerry Kilbride, Kevin Starr, and others. This archive is the world’s largest public collection of haiku and haiku-related books and papers outside of Japan—and an organization that I continue to be proud to serve as web manager and advisory board member. This collection is the official archive of the Haiku Society of America, and home to the papers Elizabeth Searle Lamb and a number of other leading poets. The archive was founded on 12 July 1996 when I organized an inauguration event at the state library, hosted by Dr. Starr. Every July, the American Haiku Archives advisory board appoints a new honorary curator who serves in this capacity for one year. For more information about this valuable resource for haiku poets worldwide, I invite you to visit the American Haiku Archives website. Please explore the site to read its mission statement, lists of major donors, how to donate, frequently asked questions, and to learn about all our past honorary curators—and much more.

You can also read my report about the American Haiku Archives Inauguration (with photos), originally published in the California State Library Foundation Bulletin #57, October 1996, and Striking Gold: The American Haiku Archive, promotional text I promulgated widely in 1995 to help promote the formation of the archives.