Cherry Petal Mats

In 2014, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival created interconnecting “cherry petal mats,” and sold them to the public. These diamond-shaped mats could be zipped together with other mats to create larger islands of mats for group picnics under blossoming cherry trees. One mat featured a haiku of mine, shown here. I adapted an earlier poem that had “fresh snow on the mat— as the first line. Read more about the Petal Mats, designed by Colin Clark, a designer with Bing Thom Architects. My haiku also appears briefly in the 2022 video also show here.

cherry petals on the mat . . .

the shape of welcome

still visible

Photo by Linda Poole

Various cherry petal mats shown here with other haiku installations in Vancouver, British Columbia.

My petal-mat haiku makes a very brief cameo at the 1:06 mark in this 2022 VCBF video.