Haiku Master

Well, apparently I’m a Haiku Master, and here’s the proof. At least, that’s the rank I’ve achieved while playing the addictive Haiku Journey game from MumboJumbo. I served as haiku editor for this game, published in 2006. Haiku Journey includes 540 haiku by 45 poets worldwide, and I also wrote information about haiku that appears as you advance to each new level. However, even with this inside track, I still had to earn my Haiku Master achievement the old-fashioned way, by earning my way through all of the game’s levels.

You can download the Haiku Journey game by visiting Big Fish Games (click to watch the video and to read the five-star reviews) or Amazon (a little more expensive here, but you get the boxed version instead of just the download; interesting reviews here too). Please note that this game was published in 2006 and does not work on Windows 10 or later versions.