Katikati Haiku Pathway

The following haiku of mine is chiseled into stone as part of the Katikati Haiku Pathway in Katikati, New Zealand:

beneath the moon

the heron’s slow steps

towards frog sound

The haiku pathway meanders along the river by the town, and opened in 2000 with twenty-four haiku stones. For more information about the haiku pathway, including photos and a map, please visit the Katikati Haiku Pathway website, with additional pictures here and here. See also the New Zealand Poetry Society website for more photos and historical details, where you can also read a report about the pathway’s tenth anniversary in 2010, by which time six more stones were added. See video one, two, three, four, and five. An interview with Catherine Mair, who created the haiku pathway, is also available on the Simply Haiku website. In 2007, an anthology of all poems included in the pathway was published in New Zealand, and this booklet is available in Katikati to visitors of the haiku pathway. Someday I hope to visit Katikati myself, to enjoy all of the haiku stones there. I’m grateful to be included. + +

Photos here by Chuck Brickley and Jim Kacian. See the Katikati Haiku Pathway pages by Laryalee Fraser, Gerald England, and Janice Bostok. See also the Haiku Park link on Google Maps.