I’ve been an avid racquetball player since 1976, when I first tried the sport in Alberta, and qualified for the Alberta Winter Games in racquetball around 1979, but was unable to play due to scheduling. While a few playing years since then have been thin (for example, no racquetball when I lived in England for a year of college—although I did play a bit of squash then), I’ve played as much as I can over all those years. More recently, I was #1 on both the Microsoft and Pro Sports Club ladders numerous times, both at Pro Sports Club (in Bellevue, Washington), which is apparently the largest health club in the world. In the past it had many excellent players and has hosted the Washington State Singles Racquetball Championship, which I’ve competed in (for a while, I also had a national ranking). I’ve twice beaten the Washington State singles champion (an open-division player), although I think he was hung over one of those times. I’ve also played against such professional players as Cliff Swain and Rocky Carson (no, I didn’t win!), and more recently Hollie Scott. I’ve also been a racquetball instructor at the Redmond Athletic Club, teaching workshops for beginners and the more advanced, plus women-only workshops. I currently play at LA Fitness, and have played in Fran Daviss league in Seattle (making it to the playoffs in the Open/Elite level). In 2023, Fran filmed me for an instructional video regarding the best ways to return Z serves (Fran coaches Rocky Carson, who has been the worlds #1 pro player in the International Racquetball Tour and Paola Longoria, the worlds #1 pro player in the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour). Racquetball continues to appeal, offering a fast-paced game mixed with strategy and finesse. You can review United States Raquetball Association rules, and also visit the Wikipedia page on racquetball for more information. And check out the Washington Racquetball Association!

        For a taste, take a look at this racquetball video, featuring Kane Waselenchuk, the world’s longtime #1 professional player, versus Cliff Swain, who I’ve had the privilege to play in California. This video is useful because it shows replays of key rallies in slow motion. Let me know if you ever want to play. Go, racquetball!

—9 November 2012, 25 March 2020