Our son Thomas has a great passion for robotics. In May of 2021, his robotics team, named Exothermic Creation 10 C, won the “Design Award” (engineering division) at the 2021 Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation’s Live Remote VEX Robotics World Championship, the world’s largest online robotics competition (per Guinness World Records). This competition is usually held in person but in 2021, because of the global pandemic, it was held online. It featured more than 1,400 teams from 30 countries and 49 U.S. states competing with custom-built robots. The Design Award is presented to a team that demonstrates an organized and professional approach to the design process, project and time management, and team organization. The team’s Engineering Notebook and judges’ interview demonstrated their ability to produce a high-quality robot with minimal adult assistance. Thomas is second from the left in the photo above.

Read the blog post about this award on the Lake Washington School District website. The reveal video (1:39) is from November of 2020. +

In his senior year of high school, in 2022, Thomas and robotics team qualified again for the Robotics World Championship.