Two Autumns Press


yuku ware ni todomaru nare ni aki futatsu


for me going

for you staying—

two autumns


Shortly after the Haiku Poets of Northern California began in 1989, I started editing its journal, Woodnotes. One reason for this was because I also provided layout and design, which I did using PageMaker in those early days of desktop publishing. I also did the layout and design for all the early books for HPNC’s Two Autumns Press. This included the annual Two Autumns reading series books plus occasional members’ anthologies. I also proposed the press’s logo, which I had initially selected from a printed clipart book for the cover of the first book, Two Autumns, published in 1990. That book and the press name derived from a classic Japanese haiku, selected by Garry Gay, first thought to be by Buson but actually by Shiki. The following are all the Two Autumns Press books for which I did the layout and design. As a poet, I was featured in the 1990 book, Two Autumns, and in the 2009 book, My Neighbor. In addition, I coedited the 1991 and 2000 membership anthologies, The Gulf Within and Countdown, and edited 2010 Two Autumns collection, Lighting a Candle. You can also see a list of all Two Autumns readings on the HPNC website.

Of all the designs, cover and interior, I feel most proud of The Gulf Within (with my sand dune cover photograph, turned blood red), Summer River, and All Day Long. The cover designs for The Sound of the Bell and Countdown are my least favourite, both done rather quickly. Playing Tag Among Buddhas stumped me for cover images, other than finding a literal interpretation, which I could not find anyway, so I went with a typographic design, making this another favourite. In the following list I include a sample poem of my own if my work was included.


Two Autumns Reading Series Books


Two Autumns

Editor: John Thompson

Poets: Patricia Donegan, Eugenie Waldteufel, Michael Dylan Welch, and Paul O. Williams       +

first flakes . . .

the snow leopard



A Poppy Blooms

Editor: Patricia Donegan

Poets: Garry Gay, David Priebe, Dave Sutter, and vincent tripi


Summer River

Editor: Tom Lynch

Poets: James Chessing, Kimberly Cortner, Ebba Story, and Kathy White


Morning Snow

Editor: Patricia Neubauer

Poets: Patricia Machmiller, Tom Lynch, Kay F. Anderson, and Christopher Herold


A White Chrysanthemum

Editor: Paul O. Williams

Poets: Alex Benedict, Jerry Kilbride, Carolyn Talmadge, and Ken Tanemura


The Sound of the Bell

Editor: Marianna Monaco

Poets: June Hopper Hymas, John Leonard, Carolyne Rohrig, and John Thompson

Membership Anthologies


1990 (earthquake poems)

Editor: Paul O. Williams

Playing Tag Among Buddhas

1992 (no theme)

Editor: Jerry Kilbride

The Gulf Within

1991 (Gulf War poems)

Editors: Christopher Herold and Michael Dylan Welch       +

(with my cover photograph)

tired of the war

       I turn to Johnny Carson—

              war jokes

All Day Long

1994 (times of day)

Editor: Garry Gay       +

noon sun—

the curve of wet sand

around a glass float


2000 (Y2K/millennium poems)

Editor: Michael Dylan Welch

Read my introduction

fireworks at midnight—

a piece of Y2K confetti

lands on the sundial