Celebrating 20 Years
of National Poetry Month

First published on the Chris Rice Cooper blog on 6 April 2016, on “Sacred Spaces, Sacred Places,” responding to a request to write about a sacred space where one writes, and to share a photograph of that space (I did not share a photo).

I’ve never felt that I’ve needed a sacred space or place for writing. When a place is special or sacred to me, it’s not usually somewhere where I would do any writing. I carry a notebook with me so I can write whenever that so-called inspiration hits. Or I write at my computer in my home office, or on my laptop if I’m away somewhere, and sometimes I write longhand on notepads in bed. I wouldn’t consider any of these places more “sacred” then anywhere else, though. The “space” where I write is really in my head, and thus not readily photographed! Writing isn’t mystical, at least not for me. You sit down and write.


scattered petals . . .

the thud of my books

in the book drop