From Carpe Diem

The following poems and introductory paragraph were published in Carpe Diem: Canadian Anthology of Haiku (Ottawa: Les Éditions David / Nepean, Ontario: Borealis Press, 2008), edited by Francine Chicoine, Terry Ann Carter, and Marco Fraticelli.

Michael Dylan Welch

Michael Dylan Welch is originally British, but moved to Winnipeg as a child. He edits Tundra: The Journal of the Short Poem and Press Here haiku and tanka books, and has had his award-winning poetry published in hundreds of journals and anthologies in more than a dozen languages. He now lives near Seattle, Washington.

spring breeze—

the pull of her hand

as we near the pet store

Woodnotes 19, Winter 1993

Christmas Eve—

bits of a price sticker

stuck to my finger

The Heron’s Nest 7:3, September 2005

short day—

the manhole cover’s

misaligned stripe

Mariposa 17, Autumn/Winter 2007

tourists talking

in several languages—

the glassblower exhales

Fresh Hot Bread, October 2002