From HNA Conference Anthologies

It has been my privilege to edit and design all of the anthologies for the biennial Haiku North America conferences, an event I cofounded in 1991, and to publish each of these books with my press, Press Here. The following are selections of my poems from these anthologies, including a new poem for the 2015 anthology, Fire in the Treetops, that celebrated HNA’s twenty-fifth anniversary. For sample poems by numerous other contributors to these anthologies, see the Haiku North America section of the Press Here page. You can also see photos of the 2009 conference that took place in Ottawa, Ontario, in album one, album two, and album three. Also see photos from the 2011 conference in Seattle, Washington in albums one, two, three, four, and five. See also my Photographs page for additional HNA photo albums.

old folks’ home—

the square of light

crosses the room

low summer sun—

the shadow of an earring

on your cheek

landing swallow—

the ship’s chain

dips slightly

summer solstice—

a rack full of hats

at the barbershop

sidewalk sale—

a corner bent over

in the used paperback

spring thaw—

the old scarecrow

a little taller

afternoon hike—

the pussy willows dwindling

from my handful

there, under the awning,

the man who stole

my parking space

fading sunset—

still the shine

on high-tension wires

Valentine’s Day—

a few clicks

of the swans’ beaks

a show of hands

in the jury room . . .

winter light

a hand sticking out

from the balcony below . . .

small rain

pumpkin weigh-in . . .

the judge’s motion

to lift off hands

woods walk—

I catch the cobwebs

that miss my son

end of the year—

the swing’s muddy underside

reflected in a puddle +