From Playing a Lullaby:
Drevniok Award Winners

The following poems of mine appeared in Playing a Lullaby: The Betty Drevniok Awards 1998–2011 (Ottawa, Ontario: Editions de petits nuages, 2012).

morning sun—

a patch of frost

in the holstein’s shadow

(First Prize, 2001)

dried tadpole

stuck with a pin—

ticking sleet

(Honourable Mention, 2001)

the clackity-clack

of the last roller coaster—

a crescent moon

(Honourable Mention, 2003)

ringing phone—

the bathroom scale

recenters itself

(Honourable Mention, 2003)

relaxing my arm


on the bullseye

(Third Prize, 2004)

keeping them for a day—

the broken pieces

of the heirloom bowl

(Honourable Mention, 2006)

foreign airport—

a baby’s cry

takes me farther from home

(Honourable Mention, 2009)

In addition, I judged the 2007 Drevniok Award, and my selections and commentary also appear in Playing a Lullaby. This anthology, compiled and edited by Mike Montreuil, was published by Éditions des petits nuages (Ottawa, Ontario, 2012) for the 35th anniversary of the Haiku Canada organization. My gratitude to all the judges for selecting my poems, especially George Swede, who chose my poem to win first prize in 2001.