From The Gifts of Bashō

The following poems appeared in The Gifts of Bashō (Gifu, Japan: Haiku Pacific Rim, 2004), the conference anthology for the second Haiku Pacific Rim conference, held 19–21 November 2004, in Ogaki, Japan, at which I was a featured speaker. To see the conference schedule, visit the website for Ikuyo Yoshimura, click the link for the Evergreen haiku group, and then scroll down to the schedule, where you can also see conference photos.

                sister-city meeting—

                fold creases

                in the foreign flag

                                                                                                granddad’s secateurs

                                                                                                out of their leather pouch—

                                                                                                autumn’s first chill

                spring cleaning—

                dirt in the grooves

                of the five-iron