My Poems in Wales Haiku Journal

The following are all my poems published in Wales Haiku Journal since it began in 2018, with my most recent poems shown first. See also “12 neon buddhas” and my essay contributions listed on their Features page. My gratitude to the editors.       +

Summer 2024

her chemo

caught in pictures

the fires embers



Spring 2024


pebbles crackling

on grannys driveway . . .

snow in the air


shall I compare thee

to a summers day?

the last firefly



Autumn 2023


heron rookery—

on our silent walk

you reach for my hand



Summer 2023


September sun—

the ref ties

the goalie’s shoe



Spring 2023


power failure—

my kids don't know

how to brush their teeth



Spring 2022


passing water skier . . .

the white egret

lifts with the wave



Summer 2022


the eyrie above me

sways in the wind—

forest fire moon


jiggering chrysalis—

sunlight, now

to the base of the bush



Spring 2022


passing water skier . . .

the white egret

lifts with the wave



Autumn 2021


swirling snow—

the sign says “sorry”

on the soup kitchen door



Summer 2021


midnight temblor—

the tiny lampchain

ticks against the lamp



Spring 2021


a day with rain—

coffeeshop cobblestones

thicker with moss



Summer 2020


finding them by touch

under the paisley couch . . .

newborn kittens


the scent of cedar

on a rusting chisel—

waning moon



Spring 2018


in the breeze

of an ambulance

a nodding iris


from here to the mountain       wildflowers


the shadow in a honeycomb where the bee backed out