Haiku, Hacky Sack and Fluxus Synesthesia

by Taylor Mignon


If only i could teach the favorites

Haiku and Hacky Sack

Combine both for a special seminar

Each time you kick the bag

You say a line: haiku sack

Hacking and haiku lecturing

Surliest Paul what’s his name Eluard

Wrote haiku like verse in French

The wind rolls a spliff, woah dude

Or simpler, each member calls out

Random concrete particulars

If you can do a rainbow

Kicking the footbag over yr head

Back and forth with each foot

While uttering a yugen laden image

Then yr Dr. Haiku Hack King

Conduct as Fluxus performance

Use heavy balloons instead

for a light classroom workout



From The Font Journal, Volume 1, 2013, by permission of the author.