Poems for G. H.

by David Jaffin

As G. H.

correctly in

dicates the

natural image

itself can

often realise

a plurality

of self-sus

taining express


For G. H.’

s “haiku”

Yes every sin

gle syllable

counts most


that spacious

expanse as

an entire world



For G. H.

Haiku at

its best a

way of capti

vating a sing

gle moment

though not

only for its

own sake.

G. H.

If it’s re


the same voice

you hear as

with birds

of the same

species then

it must be


From Snow Dreams, Swindon, United Kingdom: Shearsman Books, 2022, pages 220, 232, 234, and 246. “G. H.” is haiku poet Gary Hotham, and David Jaffin’s book includes other poems written for Gary.