Psalm for Haiku Poets

by Tombō / Lorraine Ellis Harr

The HAIKU is my Way of Life. I shall not waver.

It maketh me to stop for quiet contemplation.

It provideth me with periods of meditation,

which restoreth my serenity.

It leadeth me in Ways-of-Oneness through

calmness of mind and insight into haiku moments.

Even though I have countless problems

I will not fret, for Awareness of Eternity is with me.

The Oneness of Life and its Timelessness comfort me.

Haiku prepareth renewal and serenity

in the midst of hectic activities, stilling

my mind to the haiku Moment-of-Truth.

My cup of awareness overflows.

Surely, haiku and harmony

will always sustain me, and I shall walk

in the haiku path peacefully, in the full knowledge

of Oneness forever and ever, in a state

of Satori—and Zen.

From Dragonfly 8:3, 1980, edited by Lorraine Ellis Harr.