Cuter Gags

First written in January of 2021. Previously unpublished.       +

A certain website might seem to be a crust egg,

filled with curt gages.

Don’t let that crag get us or the cart egg us!

If you fall into an egg sac rut,

you might need to gag truces.

If all this gust grace overwhelms you,

or graces tug, that could

help you off the guest crag.

Or you might just have to put up,

once and for all, with graceguts—

or would you prefer cuter gags?



A few other favourite anagrams of “Graceguts”:

A crust egg

Cart egg us

Crag get us

Curt gages

Cuter gags

Egg sac rut

Gag cur set

Gag truces

Gust grace

Graces gut

Graces tug

Guest crag

Get rug sac