E. E. Cummings Updates His Facebook Page

First published in Spring: The Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society, #23, Fall 2020 [actually December 2021], page 122.

Originally written in December of 2016. See also “Tusks,” Bashō Updates His Facebook Page,” and “E. E. Cummings—Not for Mostpeople.”



Sunday: Had freedom today for breakfast.


Monday: Just saw a falling leaf,felt onely.


Tuesday: Visiting postoffice,stepped in goddammed mudluscious.


Wednesday: Dinner with anyone tonight in a pretty how town.


Thursday: Like politicians,mostpeople on social media are arses upon which et cetera.


Friday: Nevermind that feeling is first,got slapped today when i asked may i feel.


Saturday: Finally remembered how to spell grasshopper.