Seen and Unseen

First published in Here, There, and Everywhere: Redmond Association of Spokenword Anthology, Michael Dylan Welch, editor, Redmond, Washington: Redmond Association of Spokenword, 2013.

my feet tapping the floor

of gravity’s heartbeat

a wasp nest hung to decorate the rafters

by the salad tongs of diversity

the path of sunlight across the table, up the wall, and disappearing

into the emotional upheaval of dandelions

bamboo leaves swaying, green against yellow stalks,

against the tension of sky

the smell of coffee breath puffed from your mouth

like memory’s garden hose

unlit Christmas lights along the eave

through the conjugation of fritillaries

mistaking a birdbath for a sundial at noon

while capillaries disagree on the nature of God

stones crunching under my Birkenstocks

beside the antlers of memory

flagstones cracked by tiny flowers,

by abstract definitions of hate

a rope swing silent though I expect a creak

while the muse blows its nose

the black sound of the crow beyond the copse

a home for wonder