Becoming a Haiku Poet

Becoming a Haiku Poet

Michael Dylan Welch

Aubrie Cox, foreword

Learn the key techniques and strategies for writing haiku in English from haiku poet, teacher, and translator Michael Dylan Welch. This book emphasizes the most effective targets for haiku poetry, ones that are usually not taught in schools. There's more to haiku, and less, than you might think. This concise book provides just the information you need to learn the art of haiku and to start becoming a haiku poet. The book also includes a Haiku Checklist, a list of recommended Next Steps, and a list of Resources to help those new to haiku become better connected and more well read.

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2015, perfectbound, 28 pages, 6 x 9 inches, ISBN 978-1-878798-36-7

  • “The real secret to becoming a haiku poet is to start writing haiku.” —from the foreword by Aubrie Cox

  • “A concise, authoritative, informative, and encouraging guide for anyone interested in writing or just learning about haiku.” —Poets House, New York City

  • “For many years Michael Dylan Welch’s essays on haiku have guided newcomers and seasoned poets alike. With characteristic authority and humor, Becoming a Haiku Poet is yet another of his important contributions to the study and understanding of haiku poetry.” —Charles Trumbull, editor emeritus of Modern Haiku

  • “Michael Dylan Welch’s knowledge and experience with haiku is recognized internationally. He always has time to assist new poets starting out on the haiku path, to engage in a conversation about poetics, or to recommend a current essay or book. He never tires of answering the question: What is a haiku, anyway? Becoming a Haiku Poet is Michael’s concise and informative answer.” —Terry Ann Carter, president of Haiku Canada

  • “Michael Dylan Welch has been writing and teaching haiku for three decades. His haiku, tanka, longer poetry, essays, and reviews have appeared in hundreds of journals, anthologies, and numerous books of his own, and his work has been translated into more than twenty languages. He has been an officer of the Haiku Society of America for many years, cofounded the Haiku North America conference and the American Haiku Archives, and founded National Haiku Writing Month. He lives in Sammamish, Washington with his family, and has served as the poet laureate of Redmond, Washington.” —from the back cover

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