1994 Nature Company
“Haiku for the Earth” Contest

The following are my selections for the first “Haiku for the Earth” contest sponsored by the Nature Company in San Mateo, California. I don’t believe I wrote any commentary on these poems. These results were announced 7 August 1994. Winners received Nature Company gift certificates. See also the 1995 results.

Michael Dylan Welch, judge

“Haiku for the Earth” Winner


Along the way

an old oak branch

becomes a walking stick

     Garry Gay

     Windsor, California

Honorable Mentions (in order)


urban creek—

plum petals floating

on an oil slick

     Donna Gallagher

     Sunnyvale, California

humming power lines—

a garden snail waves antennae

at the sky

     Jenniffer L. Lesh

     Bakersfield, California

my footprints

next to the sanderlings’

after they’ve flown

     David Rice

     Berkeley, California

in the space

     between the mountains

                    a darker night

     Helen J. Sherry

     San Diego, California

long blades of grass

           this way and that

the stream

     Christopher Herold

     Woodside, California