2015 Moon Viewing Haiku Contest

The following are the winners from the 2015 Moon Viewing Haiku Contest held at the Seattle Japanese Garden on 29 August 2015 for its annual Moon Viewing Festival. These results were also posted to the Seattle Japanese Garden Community Blog. See also the Seattle Japanese Garden Blog.

Judged by Tanya McDonald and Michael Dylan Welch


First Place

the moon shines on high

but nobody can see it:

we had prayed for rain

Maurice Varon


Second Place

out in the garden

I am enjoying a moon

soon to be revealed

Micah McCally


Third Place

       the koi missed not

the light of moon nor sun’s warmth

       from its wet cold pond

Kristen Beifus


Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)


moon, rain, and music

make me reprioritize—

taping the Seahawks

Dan Hamann


sweet music of evening

love song of the night garden

moon in my belly

Mauri Dressman (baby due September 8)


the moon is shining

on the water the fish sings

and the turtle swims

Yuuki, age 7


beautiful music

fills the void that is the moon

below the rainy skies

Dan Yeo


August 29th

forecast rain

knowing moon

through mist

Ellen McCown


storm scent fills garden

koto notes weave through the air

will full moon split clouds?

Nancy Penrose


gradually the clouds,

just like time, pass on—

waiting for moon

Aleks Monk


loneliness arises

the moon is banished tonight

by thoughts of home

Rodney Smith