2016 Moon Viewing Haiku Contest

The following are the winners, out of 126 entries, from the 2016 Moon Viewing Haiku Contest held at the Seattle Japanese Garden on 17 September 2016 for its annual Moon Viewing Festival. These results were also posted to the Seattle Japanese Garden Community Blog.

Judged by Tanya McDonald and Michael Dylan Welch


First Place

Lying in bed,

moonlight through the window,

my second blanket

Kaitlin Powell


Second Place

the moon viewing

even the fish

need umbrellas

Anonymous (no name was provided on the submission)


Third Place

the pond’s still surface

       reflects the full moon

              reflecting the sun

Kelvin Kleinman


Adult Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)


silver reflection

     drifting on the water

          faint as a caress

Rachel Burgoon


sun descending moon ascending

in a garden by a pond

a young boy looks up

Mahdi Mohammad Bagher


the moon is high

and so am I

the stars are out

B. St. J.


The moon is full,

and I am full too,

full of memories

Robbie Emmet


Small moons among us

The artificial lights flicker

The full moon shrouded

Rebecca Church


The pond’s hungry koi

Nibbling for their evening meal

Eat nothing but moon



Mata tsuki nai.

Hai-tekku wo tsukaite

tsuki wo shimas

Again the night is dark.

With flashlights and white balloons

let’s make our own moons.

Maurice Varon


Moon viewing in the park

I slip on a rock

Ah, the koi

Rodney Smith


drifting fog

an acquaintance

I’d rather not meet

Sky Ramirez


Even if you claim

it’s not a competition

no one “views” the sun

R. Thursday


Youth Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)


Look up to the sky

the moon smiles to you happily

to say hi to you

Olivia Near, age 10


The koi swim around

like a circle beautiful

as the moon

Olivia Near, age 10


Shadows on the sky

are like ghosts dancing on the moon

that are saying hello

Olivia Near, age 10


peaceful quiet dark

it drives away nightmares the moon

I gaze at the moon

Isaac Kim, age 8


Dear moon

you are so beautiful

I love your moonlight

you make me smile every night

Eliza Kim, age 5