A Moon in Each Eye

First published in Woodnotes #18, Autumn 1993, page 31.

A Moon in Each Eye by Charles B. Dickson. Illustrations by Sheila A. Whitfield. AHA Books, 1993, 74 pages, paperback, 5½ by 8½ inches. $7.00 postpaid from AHA Books, P.O. Box 767, Gualala, California, 95445 [address no longer correct]. A posthumous collection of 102 of Dickson’s best haiku, divided into four sections: streams and waters, mountains, marshes, and meadows and farms Also includes eight illustrations and a photograph and brief biography of the author. Many fine poems; recommended.

a mockingbird calls.

the beaver dam rebuilt


a moon in each eye

under the white-feathered brows . . .

nesting goshawk