A Simple Universe

Book listing first published in Woodnotes #27, Winter 1995, page 54. See the Press Here page for this book.

A Simple Universe by Sonō Uchida. Illustrations by Helen K. Davie. Introduction by William J. Higginson. Press Here, 1995, 48 pages, paperback, 44 by 6 inches. $9.00 postpaid from Press Here, P.O. Box 4014, Foster City, California 94404 [address no longer correct]. Available for only $7.00 postpaid until June 30, 1996. A sampling of haiku, some more subjective than typical American haiku, by Sonō Uchida, president of Haiku International, and former Japanese ambassador to Morocco, Senegal, and the Holy See at Rome. Includes romaji versions. The first and last of the book’s 24 poems:

With eyes closed—

a simple twittering


Fall, snow

pile up, snow—

I’ve got famous sake.