A Small Umbrella

First published in Woodnotes #26, Autumn 1995, page 49. Read the book in PDF form on the Haiku Foundation website.

A Small Umbrella by the Spring Street Haiku Group. 1995, 28 pages, paperback, 4 by 5½ inches. $3.00 postpaid from Dee Evetts, 102 Forsyth Street, #18, New York, New York 10002 [address no longer correct]. Another understated but well-spoken achievement from the Spring Street Haiku Group in New York. This is the group’s third small collection, and once again it rises to a high standard. It shares 43 haiku by 11 poets. A Small Umbrella is easily recommended, and a bargain at twice the price. Here’s the opening poem by Carl Patrick and the title poem by Kam Holifield:

not a cloud in sight

I put the red flag up

on the mailbox

A small umbrella

the toes of my sneakers

discolored by rain