Cascadia and Emerald Rain

First published in Woodnotes #19, Winter 1993, page 47.

Cascadia and Emerald Rain by William Scott Galasso. Illustrations by Vicki Galasso. Galwin Press, 1993, 36 and 40 pages, paperback, 5½ by 44 inches. $5.00 each postpaid from the author at 25054 E. Mirrormont Way, Issaquah, Washington, 98027 [address no longer correct]. Offering 70 and 71 poems each, these two delightful, palm-sized collections of haiku and senryu show how widely Galasso has been published (with reference to 29 publications in six countries). You will surely recognize a number of these poems. One from each book:

Vanishing into

size twelve boots

the kitten’s head

The nosy cat

canceling a phone message

with its paws