Curve of Light

First published in Woodnotes #17, Summer 1993, page 29.

Curve of Light by Elizabeth St Jacques. Trabarni Productions, 1993, 12 pages, paperback, 4¼ by 3 inches. $3.00 from Box 64026, 555 Clarke Road, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, V3J 7V6 [address no longer correct]. Printing limited to 50 numbered copies. Haiku can be as delicate as beams of light through a dusty attic. This delicate booklet is modestly printed on yellow paper. Not simply haiku, this booklet’s seven conceptual and meditative poems are worth a visit, curving into intellectual consciousness with their own understated grace. A representative sample:


the glistening shore

my mind’s eye fluttering