Hairs & Hawk Circles

First published in Woodnotes #31, Autumn 1997, page 49.

Hairs & Hawk Circles by Gary Hotham. tel-let, 1996, 14 pages, paperback, 8½ by 11 inches. To order, send a 9 by 12-inch envelope with return postage to Gary Hotham at SUSLO Unit, PSC 111, Box 5D APO AE 09454 [address no longer correct]. A collection of 26 haiku in the ongoing series of inexpensive and minimalist tel-let publications—a light sample of Gary’s work. For more information on other tel-let publications, write to 1818 Phillips Place, Charleston, Illinois, 61920-3145 [address no longer correct]. Two tastes from Hairs & Hawk Circles:

at the bus stop

our backs to the wind—

the sunrise changes color

your footsteps

to & from the bird feeder—

last night’s snow