First published in the “Briefly Reviewed” section of Frogpond 40:1, Winter 2017, page 108. +

Horizon by Anatoly Kudryavitsky (2016, Red Moon Press, Winchester, Virginia). 72 pages, 5×7½ inches, perfectbound. ISBN 978-1-936848-66-9. $15.00 from Red Moon Press.

Like many haiku collections, this one effectively slices the poems into common seasonal groupings at a relaxed pace of one or mostly two poems per page (15 in spring, 19 in summer, 21 in autumn, 13 in winter). The book also adds a section of “nonseasonal” haiku and senryu (19 poems), then a sequence (five haiku), and ends with eight haibun (each with a single haiku). This makes for 92 haiku and senryu plus the haibun. A few poems lift off the page for me, such as “spring tide— / the reflection of a bridge / flows under the bridge” and “morning wind / the library / of fallen leaves.”