No Reason At All

First published in Woodnotes #29, Summer 1996, page 47.

No Reason At All by John Brandi and Steve Sanfield. Yoo-Hoo Press, 1996, 48 pages, paperback, 5½ by 4¼ inches. $5.00 plus postage from Yoo-Hoo Press, Box #5316, Farmington, New Mexico 87499 [address no longer correct]. This is a pleasing surprise of a book that, according to the authors, “began, unplanned, as a kind of call & response between two poets.” The renga-like unfolding of images usually includes two poems per page. Here’s a sample pairing from this recommended collection:

Parting storm—

pinned to the cactus

a dragonfly

Days later

rings of pollen

where the puddles were