Notes from a Humdrum

First published in Woodnotes #15, Winter 1992, page 35.

Notes from a Humdrum: A Year in Haiku by Brian Tasker. Bare Bones Press, 1992, 66 pages, 6 by 3¾ inches, string-tied, printed on hand-made jute paper, with a cover board handmade out of water hyacinths. Available postpaid for $10.00 (in U.S. bills only) from the author at 16 Wren Close, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2UZ, England [address no longer correct]. The 66 poems in this book, printed one or two per page, are divided into three seasonal sections (winter and spring together in the first section). Many fine poems in this lovingly assembled book written from the heart of being. Two favorites:

late afternoon sun;

the shadow of the gravestone

moves towards my feet

upon leaving a friend;

the pause before

the door clicks shut