Paper Lantern

First published in Woodnotes #26, Autumn 1995, page 47.

Paper Lantern by Donna Claire Gallagher, Lynne Leach, Zane Parks, and Tom Tico; edited by Ebba Story. Two Autumns Press, 1995, 28 pages, paperback, 5½ by 8½ inches. $5.00 postpaid from Ebba Story, 478 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, California 94110. This book commemorates the sixth reading in HPNC’s popular Two Autumns reading series, held at San Francisco’s Fort Mason on Sunday, August 27, 1995. The book’s title is based on the following Buson poem chosen by editor Ebba Story:

soft summer rains . . .

lighting a paper lantern

I walk the veranda