Rectangle of Light

First published in Woodnotes #31, Autumn 1997, page 46.

Rectangle of Light by Marje A. Dyck. Proof Press, 1996, 44 pages, 7 by 4½ inches, paperback, $5.00 postpaid from Proof Press, 67 Court Street, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada J9H 4M1 [address no longer correct] or from the author at 1002 Hazen Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 0Z8. Marje A. Dyck’s first haiku book presents poems in three sections: “The Lake, the Woods, the Beach” (47 poems), “The Prairie” (20 poems), and “The City” (6 poems). Birds, animals, and flowers figure prominently, and the poems appear in pleasing arrangements, usually at one, two, or three poems per page. As the poet notes on the book’s cover, “There is wonder in nature, in the simple happenings, and there is much joy in awareness. When I am aware, I am alive. For me, writing haiku is a way of being alive.” This book is simple and pleasing. Come share the poet’s joy:

A school of minnows

changes direction

under my shadow

Curved tip of the sandbar

the plover’s tracks

vanish into the water