Tendrils of the Eye

First published in Woodnotes #20, Spring 1994, pages 37–38.

Tendrils of the Eye by George Knox. Haiku Moments Press, 1993, 60 pages, 8½ by 5½ inches. Write for the price to the author at 3349 Dwight Avenue, Riverside, California, 92507 [address no longer correct]. George Knox has been a steady haiku voice for many years. He divides the 137 haiku in his book into four categories: Desert, Flora, Fauna, and Humanity. The poems appear at a tasteful rate of three per page, and the division into sections lends enjoyable pacing to the book. What sets Tendrils of the Eye apart, however, is its exceptionally fine design, graphics, and illustrations done in lavish watercolor by Edward R. Perez. George’s poems, as seen in this collection of his best haiku, are often lighthearted without being light, as in the second of the following examples. Do treat yourself to the joy and sincerity of George’s poems.

on bare branches

bird-hollowed pomegranates

agape in the rain

calling to his wife

come listen to the tree frog

the sudden silence