Timepieces: Haiku Week At-a-Glance 1995

First published in Woodnotes #24, Spring 1995, page 43. See also Timepieces 1993 and Timepieces 1994.

Timepieces: Haiku Week At-a-Glance, edited by David Priebe. Cloverleaf Books and Haiku Headlines, 1994, 130 pages, paperback, 5½ by 8½ inches. $16.95 postpaid from David Priebe, 1347W.71st Street, Los Angeles, California 90044-2505 [address no longer correct]. A collection of seasonal haiku, one for each day of the year, arranged in a pleasing calendar format, including the winning contest poems selected by James W. Hackett. With this book open on your desk, you’ll see a week of haiku at a time, with space each day to jot down notes, appointments, or perhaps even some new haiku. This book offers poems by more than 100 different poets. Two of the “highly commended” haiku, from George Knox and then Jean Jorgensen:

Mohave rainstorm . . .

lizard flattens out against

the tree’s lee side

auto wrecker’s yard—

poplar fluff’s slow pirouette

along the car’s hood