First published in Woodnotes #22, Autumn 1994, page 41. Read the entire book in PDF form at the Haiku Foundation website.

Trawlers by Sam Savage. Hardscrabble Press, 1994, 28 pages, paperback, 5¼ by 7½ inches. $10.00 postpaid from the author at P.O. Box 10, McClellanville, South Carolina 29452 [address no longer correct]. Contains 28 haiku for the fishermen of McClellanville. This finely produced, hand-sewn letterpress printing, limited to 250 copies, is elegant and tasteful. The 21 poems appear one per page, and give a brief and enjoyable taste of South Carolina fishing and harbor life. Two samples:

Winter idleness—

with each gust

the moored boats creak

Anchored in the stream

all day long a small boat

swings back and forth